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REVIEW: The Sweet Trilogy - Wendy Higgins

*** 3.5 STARS

I've been meaning to read this series a long time ago, but something was holding me back from doing it, but seeing it mentioned on Opposition and the deal was sealed. 

The first book on this series is Sweet Evil, and it shows an innocent teenage girl with special abilities, a cute male best friend, meeting a steamy hot dark guy, a drummer non the less (YUMMY!) the story was about nephilim and demons, and my first thoughts were: "Is this going to be a Shadowhunter thing? The Mortal Instruments anyone?" But it was not so close to that. The first book was compelling, exciting, and entertaining, but also very annoying in terms that is a book with a lot of display in morals, and religious rules, the talk about heaven and hell in a very catholic way. I, being an atheist, thought it was too much, understanding life is not at all about right or wrong on divine terms, but for me it's more like live your life to the fullist but just don't hurt anyone else or yourself while doing it, instead of following moral rules that are set on a book. If I put all that behind me, the book was really good, the female lead, while not being my favourite person in the world, was really cute, but her innocence was really too much for a teenage girl living on the US. The boy however, dayum!!! Kaidan Rowe is a panty dropper and it had me on his display of a british accent!

The second book, Sweet Peril, was equally entertaining, and we see the female leading character still with innocence but with the knowledge of the reality of life, however, it really annoyed me the masochism toward chasing a boy who repetitively rejected her, even when he was trying to protect them both by keeping her away, my feminism was screaming at the pages to Anna stop being so damn stupid, to have a little pride, to get a grip. I knew the boy loved her, but no woman or girl should let man or boy or other woman to treat her like Kaidan did, the rejection stung too much, she needed to step away so he could have seen what he was missing, or just fucking move on. Well everything work well in the end, but those moments were just too much for me.

The final book called Sweet Reckoning was good too, but it happened awfully fast, some scenes were surely beautiful, specially the ones involving love, but when the crucial moment came, somehow everything seemed too forced, too rushed, like it was missing something, the big thing, something more magnificent that didn't came, it was all too fast lacking a natural way of progress in the story. The ending was good, it had a happy ending, sure, there was loss, grief, dreams, love, new beginnings and sweetness. But there was that lack of naturality...
However, the epilogue, undid me, so full of feelings, of reality of the true things that happens in our world, specially in those called third world countries, but that little girl in the end and the sheddings of tears of the male leading, it was just beautiful...

Still the main battle was missing something, unfortunately no matter how big our faith or will is, nothing is solve from just a prayer.

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