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REVIEW: Daughter of Smoke and Bone series (Laini Taylor)

***** 5 STARS

Daughter of Smoke and Bone series is a trilogy of books written by Laini Taylor. I didn’t take the time to make a proper review of the three previous books, but here’s an overall review of the series.

I must admit, that I begun reading this book on February, summer on this part of the world, and on a beach house full of family, friends and well summer on a beach, I got distracted and decide I wasn’t paying enough attention to the book, so I stopped, which is not usual for me, once I start something I don’t let it unfinished. Anyway, Last week I decided to began reading it again… at first I thought it was slow, I didn’t get much excitement on the first chapters, but then it all start becoming interesting when I started to see the shape of a story, a plot. And I started liking it, liking the writing, the multiple resources applied in it, the flashbacks, the discursive, the argument, and more importantly the story itself, so intriguing, so full of mystery, and with so many things to tell. So I started immediately the second book, Days of Blood and Starlight, and oh the feels, so many feelings entangled while I read, I hated The Wolf, with all my guts, I hated that the lead female character was so full of blindness toward the truth, but I loved seeing her struggling, doubting, and the male leading character, Akiva I loved him, I loved how he loved, how he hoped for the best, for their dreams to come true.

The last book, Dreams of Gods and Monsters, was incredibly long, but exactly how I like a book ending, with no lose ends, with friendship, with true, with love, with new beginnings and beautiful endings. I think this story, was a story of light and darkness, of equilibrium between them and above all, of happiness found in the least of the imaginable places. To me, it talkED about building a future, it told me to hope that there’s always one for us if we can only wish for it, for the real wishes are made of hope and will, so I guess it taught me to have that on this times where I much need those things for my life. It was not a simple or meaningless book, not just a teenage book either, very far from it, it was a book of enlightment, of knowledge, of feelings.

It just was such a lovely story, lovely not just for saying something nice about it, but because I personally found it full of love, all kinds of love, and all of this love, filled my heart with HOPE. 

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