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REVIEW: Silver Shadows (Richelle Mead)

 ****  4 STARS

Why did it have to end like that? I mean sure, I love cliffhangers and all that excitement, but I hate when you have to wait so long to know what's going to happen!!! 

...And I loved the book, I admit I started reading it as slow as possible, trying to delay the ending of it and keeping the pleasure of reading it for as much time as possible, however the book was just too good to keep delaying it longer and today I ended reading most of it and finishing it.  So here are my initial thoughts at just minutes after finishing it. 

(light) SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

I have some notes on the encounter between Adrian and Sydney, it didn't felt so big or meaningful as I would hope it would, I was hoping for a big scene, almost expecting fireworks and hugs and hungry and painful kisses that would've been the reflection of all those months away from each other... but all that was compensated in the scenes that came after, and I love the love and protection they feel toward each other, I would've hope for more struggling with Sydney to talk about all the torture she suffered, maybe see some post-traumatic effects, not just one nightmare, maybe the fact that there wasn't it means she really is that strong, that badass, but  I don't find it sincere that a love like that don't struggle with that kind of things, that there's no talk about what was done and felt in those months apart, or maybe their love is just that big, that doesn't need doubts, explanation, struggling, where there has been enough struggling already, but it maybe does't seem real, but then again we didn't saw much time pass between them after they met again and hopefully we'll see more of that on the next book. Well, definitely I just wish we got more scenes with just the two of them. 

At some point, probably the first chapter or the first half of the book, I found the writing style of Adrian's POV a little weird and maybe even a bit strange, after the second half of the book I forgot and mostly concentrated on the story and the events that were happening. What was also new to me, wast that I read with much more eagerness the chapters on Sideny's POV, probably due to the the same reason of the writing, since it wasn't like that for me on the previous books. This, however, in no way make me like or dislike Adrian's character or story through the book. Adrian is probably one of my favourite male characters on literature and always be at the side of Mr. Darcy, Will Herondale, Damon Salvatore, Daemon Black, Jericho Barrons and others, he's the reason I like this series after all. <3

Needles to say, I'm really excited for the next book and how it all will be resolve on the moroi/dhampir world, specially because I have the feeling we'll be seeing a bit more of Rose and Dimitri in order to rescue Jill and put things on a clear path to ending the story, or maybe is just what I'm hoping for. Although I'm not excited 'bout the fact that it'll be the last book, that I know of, about this compelling and adventurous world.

I've only finish the book a few minutes ago, so more to come soon... Enjoy!

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