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June's FOTM (Favorites of The Month)

One of my sections on this blog will be a Favourites post, I'll be adding monthly my favourites reading of the month, in this case the month that just ended. *** Una de las secciones en mi blog será un post de mis lecturas favoritas del mes que ya ha pasado. En este caso, Junio. 

  1. Addicted Series (Calloway Sisters included) by Krista & Becca Ritchie 
Addicted series
 Source: kbritchie.com

 This series is amazing, New Adult and it starts getting on the Adult category as the books come out, the characters go growing up in age and in character development and you go right along with them. 
The first book is Addicted to You, and here's a little review I made on Goodreads, I don't know if I'll make a bigger review of this, but here's a little something for you: 

I didn't think much of this book at first, I mean a sex addict and an alcoholic... It didn't call to me and I was even reluctant to read it, but I took the chance and I'm thankful for it. At first it was ok I guess, I just 'saw' the actions of the characters and wonder to myself the why's and when's of their addictions, and honestly, there was a point where I said: dude, this seems that doesn't have any good end... But as I read it I understood that in just one book their issues wouldn't come to conclusion and at the end of the book I was so riled up and breathing hard, like my heart was literally being squeezed by their feelings and the events in the book. I even cried. So for turning a book where I was expecting just shit into something so much more meaningful for me (because sometime there I really felt a connection) I rated it 5 stars. 

The rest of the book, keeps up where we left off the first one, we get to know more characters and see how this story evolves to something more than just the tale of a sex addict and an alcoholic, there's this bunch of people who becomes family in the books and every one of them deals with their own issues while always being there for each other. And there's plenty of sexy times too ;) 

If you're interested in this series, you can get them here. Also the rest of the series Calloway Sisters, can be found on that page, as well as the descriptions of each book. 

 2. Scorched by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

This is a beautiful story about dealing with life, with personal and emotional issues and how you overcome them. It's about growing up by knowing yourself and when you need help, specially help from yourself. It's New Adult and I recommend it to all girls and boys who have dealt with some mental health issues such as addictions, depression or anxiety, among others, and need to hope that there's still some kind of happy ending out there, and it begins with ourselves :) 

Link to the book, here

moonlight on nightingale way

3. Moonlight on Nightingale Way by Samantha Young.

It's the end of an era! The end of the great On Dublin Street Series, adult and with lots of romance, sex, and personal stories that are written so well they keep you on edge and you can feel the chemistry between the characters as it you were one of them. This book was the perfect ending of this series and I rated them 5 stars on Goodreads and Amazon, they were awesome, I just can't add anything more substantial or objective because I love them! 

 Check them out, here


Sweet Addiction cover Bonus!!! Sweet Addiction by J. Daniels

This one's about a beautiful and independent woman who falls for the alpha male. Yes, those macho men who you love, or hate to love but can't avoid it, they're just too hot and you secretly wish some lover could care about you obsessively much, and you'd totally returned the feeling given the sex is awesome but also because that person completes a part of yourself you didn't even knew existed or that it was incomplete. Also, there are a lot of treats and frosting involved, wink wink! 

Check the book and the rest of the series here


That's it for now folks, hope you like my recommendations for you and if you pick any of these books I really wish you enjoy them as much as I did! P.S. I'm really sorry if there's some grammatical and orthographic errors, I'm really trying to be the best on my English, but I'm still learning everyday :)

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